Amant Maitresse is an exclusive women’s collection with about 35 pieces. It is characterized by its sophisticated tailoring with French finesse and a touch of irony. The collection consists of dresses, skirts, shirts, costly tops and corsages. Designer Despina Zourelidou creates fashion for the modern, self confident woman who wants to emphasize her feminity and sets a high standard on quality and individual design.

Creation of the brand name

For some time there was the dream of creating her own collection. Right from the start it was certain that the collection should not have the designers name, but that it should have a connection with it.

«Despina” comes from the classical Greek language and means – literally translated – «mistress”. First the designer thought of «beloved mistress”. Through the translation into French «Amant Maitresse” was born. Basically it means «beloved lover”.


The designer

Despina Zourelidou has greek roots. As a studied dressmaker and directrice she worked i.a. for

  • German Bambi Award
  • German Television Award
  • German Echo Award